Higher Education:

Ph.D. Stanford University 1951

Entered, 1944, The University of Chicago. (WWII service interruption)
Completed: AB San Jose State University, 1948

Professional Activities:

Psychology including clinical, organizational. with research emphasis on drug abuse, mental health, medical.  As social science includes criminology, anthropology. Served:  Psychology faculty

   In anthropology, folklore studies, cultural medicine. alcoholism risks  

Health and medical/biological sciences including as specializations; quality of care, malpractice, women's health promotion, pharmaceutical research design and policy.  also public health, psychosocial medicine, psychiatric epidemiology Most recent research: nausea and vomiting  Served: Medical school faculties

Law including treaty negotiations,  international financial crime.  police organizational studies, law enforcement activities, anti corruption responsibilities. Law school faculties

Politics, including policy formulation, national and international commissions, public service appointments, and intelligence activities including clandestine services founding here and abroad. Political science grad school faculty

Religion including pastoral services, scholarship attentive to early church history, sociology and the canon, nature, of (Christian) mysticism.  Seminary faculty

Writing : serious fiction both novels and short stories, suspense and medical science fiction, poetry,  life writing as biography, family history, autobiography. Chair, humanities organization promoting that. Also institutional publishing, journalism as foreign correspondent. Life writing teacher. Invited: foreign faculty for creative writing, .

Agricultural: Farming: cattle, sheep, timber.

Functional Activities: research, teaching, writing, mental health care, practice, administration , innovation. medical quality control research and advocacy.  Public interest  health. Democratic Party, fine literature, advocacy. 

Settings here and abroad : academic, governmental institutions including military, medical school and mental health. Other non profit, NGOs, the United Nations 

Sponsorship:  philanthropic foundation grants, government,(U.S. and foreign) university, UN, private and own voluntary.


about 30 in the fields noted above: science, government policy, mental health, biography, fiction, poetry

Link to most recent publication: corneliusbishop 


Science, Policy: about 50

Scientific, policy articles, biography, folklore, about 100

Awards, Honors, Literary Critics Comments

In sum: for Military (Korean) Service, Public/Government Service, Biographical and creative writing, Science. Law, Psychology, Lifetime Contributions Professional, Academic, Literary, Humanistic, Civic/cultural See below.


Honors, Awards chronological


As essence, literary critic Terry White concluding upon reviewing several Blum books: 

The author is prolific in the sciences, literature and philosophy (and is) the most versatile of scholars and humanists writing today.

For Old Tom, Young Tom: selected by Biography (a learned journal)

among "the best biography published in 1984." (Nov. 1985).

Critic and English Professor Terry White says of Cornelius Bishop of Antioch, Roman Syria, 128

held me rapt an extraordinary gift for painting a tumultuous and chaotic era fascinating. making the reader be there alive in an era of momentous transition. Magnificently done(a) magnum opus.

He describe an earlier work as brilliant, witty, enlightening well crafted a writer prolific in the sciences, literature and philosophy concluding that the author is the most versatile of scholars and humanists writing today compares with Graham Greene. Prof. G Simson, founder and editor of Biography, the Journal, is, in Cornelius reminded of Umberto Eco in aesthetic and style evocative symbolism.

Of Cornelius, Bishop,  Sweden's outstanding humanist, writer, professional serving advocate  disadvantaged youth, winner of one of Sweden's oldest, most prestigious prizes, the Allmanna Barnhussets Stora Pris,  S. Forsling writes, It is a novel written by a poet. Every word has its color. Every sentence has its rhythm. It is a beautiful book. I will read it as a poem. I will take my time, and it will be a time full of joy

Reviewers have spoken of echoes of Melville and Hawthorne, in this strikingly original author. Steinbeck authority Lazarus applauds the authors gifts of imagination, talent and style. Television and screen writer C. Larson, says of one novel, a beautiful, strong, poetic swing, The Times Literary Supplement, in a front page review of his book , Health and Healing in Rural Greece , states of it the best sociological investigation of Greek mores ever written clear, objective, insightful about the socio-religious. 

He is co author of The Dangerous Hour, an internationally regarded work on Greek folklore . Its Foreword by Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark says (his) treatment of ...the irrational in the Greek psyche (is) thoroughmost important arresting. Respecting his The Medical School (under the pen name, G P (for Galen Paracelsus) Hosmer, one reviewer called it a new kind of science fiction by the Edgar Allen Poe of modern medicine whereas another reviewer, describing its focus on magical science, and technological black magic, said of it, the creation of a wonderfully witty, diabolically academic, deliciously nasty mind.

Military awards

Publications: Professional Books

Tests constructed



Books in progress, 2011


         Old Man! (Sully, rightly forlorn, seeks to come to grips with old age, but the Devil himself must be joined to  achieve good times . Poor devil, he's getting old too, facing his own demise. Aesops dog, Beazley plays the cynic as old men romp in cinematic fantasy. But it takes bits and pieces of lives shaped as tales retold at the neighborhood tavern (door to the cinema and whore house in the back room) to allow trust, joy in memories affirming the person integral heir to his own past, the "we have done this after all and therefore are, will be, and were"  Even so, that his young wife has set in place Sully's tombstone makes a fellow uneasy; did she put both dates on it?


         Executive Action (after many years held back,  a tale of  truth here strongly embelished with fiction, about an invitation to head an Executive assassination team, and warning of being "destroyed" be it told. The better story requires that fiction to entertain, and allow comforting distance,    The art of it is in maintaining  essences,  We are left, as too often so, with history, surprise  disbelief,  uncertainty.  Where oh where is trust?        

scheduled: The Jealous Moon    The Endymion legend realized in the ruins of modern Eraklion in Turkey. Endymion's burial place. A shipboard romance, but with two females are in love with him, Selene the more exciting and demandng. Even so, Cambridge vain, Endymion is unfaithful. Selene, is she yet a godess denied lasting mortal love?  And so?   .

Recent, inactive or concluded professional activities include:

As Visiting Professor, Elected Fellow

Earlier, chronological:

Earlier professional activities:

         Note:  Govt agency sr. administrative posts not accepted: National   Institutes of Health; one Institute, Dept. of Justice: one Institute, White House: one task group

Licenses, Certification, Boards Present or past:

Other Professional Activities

Journal participation:

Professional Societies Current or Former:

Other Memberships:

Public Service Appointments


Special Government Service

Not specified here

Additional Publication Citations;

 Available upon direct request

Monographs and research reports:

Available by request: about 28: topics: group psychology, neurology, quality of care in medicine, consumer attitudes, emergency procedures, doctor-patient relationships, alcoholism, other drug abuse, police procedures, cross-cultural psychiatry, sawmill history, drug education. etc.

Articles and contributed chapters:

about 120 including psychiatry/psychology, psychopharmacology, drug abuse, criminology, policing and economic crime, espionage/intelligence, folklore

Papers and special reports:

Includes formal addresses, Congressional testimony, Congressional Committee reports, US Federal and PRC Supreme Court etc. Materials consists of written presentations, some papers later published. Venues: US, PRC, UK, Italy, Sweden  Unrecorded addresses add: Greece, Pakistan, others. Topics drug use and proposed policy, biography, DNC Policy Council papers, offshore banking and other financial crime primarily at the Jesus College, University of Cambridge International Economic Crime Symposia over two decades  Assembled for publication but never hard cover published.

Bioscience papers submitted: Jr Human Evolution and Behavior 

Evidence for human pregnancy nausea and vomiting, exclusive to our species, which offers evolutionary advantage as slightly reduced infant morbidity/mortality and birth weight normality, as of recent origin, calculated based on survival advantages shown in current studies, to have appeared  circa 10,000 BC, the same period that urbanization ocurred with great;u increased invention, thus greater exposure to manufactured innovation  Hypothesized: given data on pregnancy sensitivity to, primarily odor and novel stimuli, mechanical motion,  a defensive response -non adaptive, thus failed trait,  then and now-, to humanly induced environmental disturbance.  Note: currently accepted notions of NV as toxin expulsion reflex are demonstrably wrong.. 

 Business Activities 

Stanford Research Institute (then part of Stanford University),  Social and Behavioral Science Unit, and in liaison with Economics Division;  directed marketing studies, policy effectiveness studies, civil defense and disaster responsestudies for US Govt.,competitive impact forecasting,  organizational studies of major industries. (1954-56)  

As consultant:  for government agencies,  police organizations US and abroad, hospital quality of care and health delivery institutional and individual performance,  management and reorganization consulting for selected private industries on an occasional contract or pro bono basis (1956- 

President and CEO,  BioBehavioral Research Group, Inc., Palo Alto, California  (a successful international corporation engaged in national security programs,  later narcotics control intelligence activities, (1964-1977) 

Founder and Editor in Chief,  Espionage magazine A (cleared) CIA and successful writers staff, successful mail test, the contractedestablished publisher sought to cut the founders out Everyone lost

OwnerManager: Volcano Ranch (19641988).

Shingle Mill Ranch (1964- 88)

Shingle Mill Tree Farm (loging 1964...

Crisis Consultant, Gardner Contracting (a contractor for dams, pipelines, other public and private capital projects, quarry owner, heavy equipment rental) 1983-4

Mountain Counties Private  Patrol,  Calif. licensed private patrol for experimental rural crime protection.  LEAA funds denied

Advisory Board member, Brown’s Merchant Bank, Kent, UK  1982-84

Board member, Identification Technologies, San Francisco 1984-86

Founder and CEO, SASSY; (Scientific Scents and Women’s Sensitivity,) Associated:  Parfumeuse La Comtesse de Brevanne  (a research based developed biochemical aromatic carminatives, anti nausea agents, Palo Alto and Paris, 1986-94 

Operations Committee Advisor, Knightsbridge Castle Corp, Woodside, Calif., 2005  (a Silicon Valley start up fo identity theft recovery and prevention -with innovative computer technology (2005- 2007)

Non Profit Land Development with Conservation Develop Shingle Mill, San Mateo County section 11, under threat of small parcel development, applied the Mapp Act, Williamson Act (Agriculture) and Calif TPZ (timbering) to set up large parcels only


Non Profit Land and Conservation Development, large parcels with Conservation of a Grazing Common, Plan for the Big Swing Ranch, San Mateo County 500 acres.  County and Environmental NGOs approved, owners balked            About 1965

Underway 2011-: The Library Society Press, intending  philanthropic support for local public and educational institution libraries, and a profit motive, and providing trustworthy, transparent, author options in "self publishing."  Will include MS quality ratings, editorial services including co-and ghost authorship, with provision for programs of purchase of best quality books by all subscribing authors. SF Bay Area as first trial locale. A sterling Board will be invited to maximize quality and community liaison  Success by no means assured.

Political Activities:


President, Menlo Atherton Democratic Club (1954-55).

Chairman, San Mateo County United Democratic Fund, (1955-58).

Member, Board of Finance, California Democratic Council (1956-58).

Member, San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee, elected office, (1956-62)

Invited to accept Party nomination to run for Congress.  Declined.

Treasurer, Woodside Portola Valley Democratic Club (1958=60).

County Co-Manager, Stevenson for President; 

Co-Manager Clair Engle for Senator; 

San Mateo County Finance Chairman, Kennedy for President.

Coordinator, Subcommittee on Intelligence and Security, Policy Council, Democratic National Committee (Senator Adlai Stevenson III, Chairman) (1970=72).

Subcommittee on Drugs, Street Crime and Prisons, Policy Council, Democratic National Committee (Senator Harold Hughes, Chairman) (1970=72).

Member, Committee on Democracy and Government, Democratic Policy Council, (1970=72).

Member, Cranston State Finance Committee (19707=4).

Campaign Advisor to Leo Ryan, Congressman, 11th California District, (1970-78).

Member, Roth for Governor Committee (1974).

Democratic Advisory Council of Elected Officials of the Democratic National Committee (1975-78):

Chairman, Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Study Group

Member,       Agriculture Policy Subcommittee

Member, Personal Security & Criminal Justice Study Group

Member, Domestic Affairs Task Force of the Democratic National Committee, 

San Mateo County Campaign Co-ordinator and policy advisor, Feinstein for Governor, 1990.

Charitable and volunteer activities

Not here specified

Military service

Biographical Citations:

Hereditary Societies

Private Clubs